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The perfect gift or special extra soft sponge for your little one. Zero waste with the sponge & box being 100% biodegradable. This set contains:

x1 Plant Based Kids 100% biodegradable luffa

x1 NZ designed & made, high quality cardboard box for your little one to colour in, decorate and play with!


Organic extra soft Baby Bath sponge made out of a unique variety of luffa with a softness and other features that makes them ideal for baby's delicate skin and skin with eczema. Perfect for baby bath time but also for nappy change time.

Therapeutic properties thanks to the unique treatment in natural sulphurous geothermal spring water (which, in addition, makes the luffa mould resistant).

Provides immediate hydration and has healing properties thanks to the high natural content of Cucurbitacin C.

Discover designs from international artists through a project that connects childhood and ART in an enjoyable and eco-conscious way.