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BioGlitter Pixie Dust Gold - Sea Friendly!

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BioGlitter – Pixie Dust Gold 2g

Add a little sparkle to your DQ Play Dough with BioGlitter! We deliver your BioGlitter in a separate bag as working it through the dough is part of the fun. We suggest either rolling out your dough and adding the glitter directly or emptying the bag onto a clean counter or table and working it into the dough like you would flour. One bag of BioGlitter will be enough for one pouch of DQ Dough.

BioGlitter is made from a special bio-degradable film that is certified compostable. It is derived from sustainable sources, does not contain genetically modified materials or materials obtained from genetically modified organisms and no animal testing was involved in production or development. Made in the UK.

Please Note: BioGlitter is NOT for consumption. For this reason, we suggest that only children 3 years and older use this product. BioGlitter is non-toxic, however if ingested we recommend you seek medical advice. If glitter enters the eye flush with water.

Just like normal glitter it can be a bit messy, the best way to clean up is vacuum or with a slightly damp cloth.

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