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Organic Chia Seed Omega-3 Oil 250ml

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Product Description   

Organic Chia Seed Oil is the pure, cold-pressed omega oil extracted from the legendary chia seed. It is one of the richest natural sources of omega 3 fatty acids which are vital to the proper functioning of the body.

Matakana SuperFoods Organic Chia Seed Oil is sourced from sustainably harvested, A-grade, certified organic chia seeds and is cold-pressed to maintain the nutritional integrity of the oil. With its mild nutty flavour it is ideal in dressings, dips and salads or straight off the spoon!

  • Omega-3
  • Ideal good fat Ratio
  • Essential Fatty Acids

Chia Seed oil is around 56% omega 3 ALA fatty acids, which are classed as essential fatty acids as the body cannot produce them and therefore relies solely on the diet to obtain them. Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to provide an anti-inflammatory effect within the body and may help support brain and heart health.

“Statements have been included for the interests of consumer health education and are not intended to imply that such ingredients have been approved under the Medicines Act for the prevention or treatment of specific diseases or medical conditions. You should seek appropriate Healthcare professional advice for any medical condition”


Use in the same way as you would extra virgin olive oil – in salads, dips, dressings, vinaigrettes or drizzled over vegetables, pasta or fish.


Store below 30°C and out of direct sunlight.




100% cold-pressed, extra virgin USDA certified organic chia seed oil.