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Organic Sacha Inchi Seeds Lightly Salted 100g

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Product Description   

Sacha Inchi Seeds also known as the 'Inca Peanut’ or 'Inca Inchi Seed' are a legendary protein-rich snack. 

The Sacha Inchi plant (Plukenetia Volubilis) grows sustainably in one of nature’s wonderlands, the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, and provides income for indigenous Indian tribes. Our Organic Sacha Inchi Super Seeds are gently roasted then lightly salted providing the perfect combination of taste and nutrition. They are packed full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, essential amino acids and fibre making them one of the healthiest snacks available. Just a few Sacha Inchi Seeds will satisfy your hunger!


  • Complete Protein
  • High Fibre
  • Omega-3 
  • 100% Natural

Sacha Inchi Seeds are one of the best vegetarian sources of omega-3 available with around 50% of its fatty acid composition made up of omega-3 ALA*. They also contain a healthy ratio of essential fatty acids which is important for maintaining normal bodily functions.
The protein content of Sacha Inchi Seeds is also very impressive with 30 grams of protein per 100g pouch. Along with high amounts of vitamin E and dietary fibre there’s no wonder why this Peruvian seed has been given Superfood status.
*Alpha linolenic acid

“Statements have been included for the interests of consumer health education and are not intended to imply that such ingredients have been approved under the Medicines Act for the prevention or treatment of specific diseases or medical conditions. You should seek appropriate Healthcare professional advice for any medical condition”


Sacha Inchi Seeds can be consumed as a satisfying snack or as a nutrient dense addition to salads.


Reseal pouch and store in a cool dry place or refrigerate for maximum shelf-life.


The Sacha Inchi Seeds are harvested from sustainable, high-altitude crops by native Indian co-op farmers in the Peruvian Amazon. An Oxfam initiative has enabled the native Sacha Inchi crop to become a reliable income stream for the local people helping to facilitate economic stability within the local villages.


Organic sacha inchi seeds*, salt. (*Certified Organic) No preservatives or additives.
Packed in a facility that may have exposure to nuts and sesame seeds.


Even though extremely rare some people may experience an adverse reaction to Sacha Inchi Seeds due to them being such a rich source of omegas and protein. If you experience any ill effects we advise you to stop taking Sacha Inchi products and if symptoms persist to visit your healthcare provider.

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