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Pregnancy Gift Set

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Product Description   

Our Pregnancy Gift set includes one of each organic essentials:

Belly Oil – 50ml

Nourish and enhance mom’s skin elasticity and tone naturally.

During pregnancy, the expanding baby bellies are prone to stretch marks. Our Belly Oil is a powerful blend of nutrient-rich oils that support your skin during this transition.

This beautifully aromatic oil is a luxurious indulgence for the face and the whole body. It deeply penetrates to hydrate and soothe, and support healthy skin cell regeneration.

The oil is lightly scented with lavender oil known to help reduce stress and tension. Rose oil and Calabrian bergamot oil make it an exotic, soothing experience.

It can be applied regularly on bump, hips and breasts.

It can also be used postpartum to soothe and rejuvenate inflamed skin due to stretch marks or scarring.

Nausy Mama – 10ml

Eases discomfort associated with morning sickness.

For conscious mamas looking for a solution without nasty chemicals, Nausy Mama is a great safe alternative to help soothe your stomach. Nausy Mama is an all-natural blend of essential oils, carefully crafted to support women with nausea associated with pregnancy.

This very versatile package has an easy applicator and can be carried in your purse or pocket.

Happy Mama – 10ml

Helps support the pressure of mother’s early days.

We know how demanding life with a newborn can be, especially when there’s another child around. We’ve crafted Happy Mama—an all natural blend designed to lift you up during those challenging moments.

Using natural essential oils and a blend of floral and citrus notes, Happy Mama reduces nervous tension and stress, alleviates anger, anxiety and depression, balances your hormones and eases you into a restful night’s sleep. It smells so divine, it can even be used as a perfume!

*accessories not included

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