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Smooth Coconut Peanut Butter - 250g

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Product Description   

This silky smooth formula is made with just two simple ingredients - peanuts and coconut.
It's perfect for toast, as a fondue, in smoothies, drizzled over pancakes or simply spoon straight from the jar. It even sets as a perfect shell on ice cream! Give it a go in your next Thai or Malaysian style dish as this nut butter makes the best satay, guaranteed. 

250g net jar

Peanuts, Coconut

Our coconut peanut butter is handmade in small batches. It has a Best Before date sticker of 1 year from the day it was freshly made.

Stir well before eating as naturally occurring oils will separate and rise to the top. Our Smooth formula is extra silky so if you prefer a firmer spread try popping it in the fridge or store upside down.
Always keep CocoMaNuts in a cool dark place away from the sun.