Triple Pack Marble Play Dough

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Product Description   

The latest in the DQ range is the Marble Play Dough. DQ Marble solves the problem of kids mixing colours together. Our 3 types of DQ Marble are designed to be mixed and become secondary colours – orange, green and purple. So no more brown and grey messes!

Each pouch is unique due to our hand crafted process – no two marbles will be the same.

This set includes:

x1 Blue/Yellow = Green

x1 Pink/Blue = Purple

x1 Red/Yellow = Orange

We like our little customers to have a good amount to play with so each resealable pouch has 500g of dough. As long as after play time it is returned to its pouch or stored in a sealed container it will last for 5 months.

Please note: This product does have a choking risk so ensure all children are adequately supervised during play. This product is not made for consumption. Our photos try to best indicate colour but the item may differ slightly. Over time the colours will meld together as the colour within the dough moves, however it requires little hands to fully combine.